A little, literal, digital moral compass

Why does Buoy exist?

We've watched numerous local gems tread water or sink as our city (Austin) has become more expensive and gentrified. We wanted to build something to make these local gems more visible, memorable, and easy to love.

Now, a buoy is a nautical beacon for passing ships, which can signal things like "special thing" or "danger here". To be technical, we chose the color scheme for safe water.

But more to the point, we built Buoy to help people navigate to businesses they believe in and want to support.

How did we choose our criteria?

We can imagine all kinds of values being championed in Buoy. For our launch in the fall of 2018, we chose a limited set of traits and business practices that were easily verified by chambers of commerce and local advocacy groups.

It's not hard to imagine this list growing and becoming much more elaborate. Along the way we'll have to work hard to keep our labels objective. We'll need help from interested citizens like yourself to do the right thing here.

Can I add places?

Not yet, but soon! Check back here in a little while and we'll have a means for you to contribute.

Can I list my business on here?

If you're asking this question, we want to talk to you. Feel free to click one of those links in the footer ⬇ and get in touch with Ian or Robert.